Hello, I am Hilda Champion.
I am a German/American fine art photographer born in 1959 near Munich, Germany and living in Naples, Florida since 2001.
My aspiration in photography is less about showing the world as it is, but rather to release the poetry of the ordinary and help people see the un-seen. I try to show an abstraction of what I see, free of distractions. My images as “based on a true fantasy”.
I was brought up in Europe but spent a big part of my adult life in South and then North America, which also meant exposure to different regional aesthetics. Additionally, extensive travels around the globe provided opportunities to experience different cultures, appreciate the arts and train my eye to architecture, interior and exterior.
Formally trained as an agronomist, I have worked in a wide spectrum of business-related positions, from the chemical industry to derivatives trading. Technical and organizational skills make for a solid business foundation.
While my passion for art has been lifelong, I started to create photography and digital artistry only late in life and am mainly self-taught. 
I consider my forté to be contemporary and abstract images. My work has been shown in national and international competitions and exhibitions and my images have won numerous awards and accolades.
Professional Affiliations
- Naples Art Association
- Center for the Arts Bonita Springs
- Art Alliance Fort Myers
- United Arts Council
- Florida Camera Club Council – Certified Competition Judge
- DPI-SIG Naples – Certified Competition Judge
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