2022 Monochrome Awards - Honorable Mention for "Bearded", "The Future is Caladium" 
2022 Art Limited - Excellence Selection for "My Red Dress", Editor's Selection for "Tree in Winter", "Oak Solo", Visa Selection for "Nights in Manhattan"
2022 International Publication 1x.com - "Empire Glow", "Elements", "Into the Maze", "Venice Abstracted"2022 Siena International Photo Awards - Finalist "My Red Dress"
2022 Rookery Bay Juried Exhibition "Natural Selections" - "Treebeard", 3rd place for "Beginning"
2022 Florida Camera Club Council - Blue Ribbon for "Venice Abstracted", "In the Fishing Maze", Red Ribbon for "My Red Dress", Silver Ribbon for "Fall in the Bayou", "Basilica Santa Maria"
2022 Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL,  36th All Florida Juried Exhibit - "Tupelo Gold", "Pulled Together", "Into the Maze" - 1st Place
2021 Annual Photography Awards - Honorable Mention for "My Red Dress", "Beginning", "Gold at Indian Lake", "Fall in the Bayou"
2022 The Independent Photographer  - Finalist in B&W for "Beginning", Editor's Choice in Landscapes for "Survivors"
2022 Naples Camera Club - Yellow Ribbon for "My Red Dress"
2022 International Publication 100ASA.com - Prime Gallery "Into the Maze"
2022 15th International Color Awards - Nominee for "Gold at Indian Lake", "Frozen Delight"
2022 8th Fine Art Photography Awards - Nominee for series "Realm of Magic"
2022 Canvas Venice International Art Fair - Exhibition
2022 Anima Mundi, Venice Italy - Exhibition
2022 Florida Excellence in Photographic Arts (F.E.P.A.) Award
2022 Group Exhibition "Art in Flight" Southwest Florida International Airport, Fort Myers
2022 Julia Margaret Cameron Award - Honorable Mention for "Into the Maze", "Elements", "My Red Dress", "Transience"

2021 Monochrome Awards - Honorable Mention for "Alone in the Desert", "Desert Noir", "Inward Path", "S-Curve", "Frayed", "Evolving Lilies"
2020 Budapest International Foto Awards 
- Bronze Medal for series "Light Furniture", "Coast Guards", 
- Bronze Medal for "Pulse"
- Honorable Mentions for "Autumn Glow", "Into the Maze", "Evolving Lilies"
2021 Art Limited 
- Visa Selection for "Twilight Fog", "Lost in White", "Colors of a Place"
- Visa and Art Score Selection for "First Foursome", "My Red Dress", "Beginning"
- Editor's Choice "Lone Palm", "Tree in Winter"
2021 Rookery Bay Juried Exhibition "Natural Selections" - 3rd Place for "Good Neighbors"
2021 Tokyo International Foto Awards - Gold "Tree in Winter", Bronze "Layers", Bronze "Heading Home", Honorable Mention for "Lone Palm", "Alone in the Desert", "Evolving Lilies"
2020 Annual Photography Awards - Honorable Mentions for "Alone in the Desert", "Transitions", "Pulse", "Abyss", "Tupelo Gold", "Memories"
2021 Florida Camera Club Council - Silver Ribbon for "Ancient Ones", Red Ribbon for "The Flute Ensemble", "Fall at Indian Lake", Yellow Ribbon for "Mystery World", "Beginning", "Royalty"
2021 Naples Camera Club - Image of the Year 2020 for "Casting", 2nd place Image of the Year 2021 for "Red Laces", Yellow Ribbon for "Red Laces"
2021 14th International Color Awards - Honorable Mention for "Dancer in the Forest", Nominee for "Lost in White", "Memories", "Forever Love", "The Orchestra"
2021 International Publication Landscape Photography Magazine - "Blue Moon", "Pine Island Sunset"
2021 7th Fine Art Photography Awards - 3rd Place for series "Swamp Overture", Nominee for "Lost in White"
2021 International Publication 1x.com - "Beauty", "Suspense", "Fall at Indian Lake", "Pockets of Color", "My Red Dress", "Navigating Life Together"
2021 Backus Museum, Fort Pierce, FL -  National Juried Exhibit "Through the Eye of the Camera" - Merit Award for "Colorful Crab Cages", "Fishing Buddies"
2021 Finalist Motif Collection B&W Awards - "Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque", "Ancient Ones"
2021 Siena Photography Awards - Finalist
2021 Naples Camera Club - Yellow Ribbon for "Red Laces"
2021 Moscow International Foot Awards - Silver Medal for "Dressed for Spring", Honorable Mentions for "Coast Guards", "Swamp Overture", "Dome Homes"
2021 Monovision Awards - Honorable Mentions for "Coast Guards", "Shortest Distance", "Skeleton Trees", "Elegance in Motion", "Up the Wall", "Fog over Green Cay"
2021 Minimalist Photography Awards - Honorable Mention for "Positive Vibes"
2021 PX3 - Honorable Mention for "Coast Guards", "Bearded", "Tupelo Gold"
2021 Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR - "Bearded" Selection for "Tree and Water" Exhibition
2021 B&W Spider Awards - Honorable Mention for "Elegance in Motion", Nominee for "Bird Hotel", "Bearded"
2021 Featured Artist CloudFolio - "Ocean Blue"
2021 ND Awards - Gold for "Suspense", Silver for "Tupelo Gold", Honorable Mention for "Beginning", "Population Density", "Colors of a Place" (series)
2021 Budapest International Foto Awards - Gold Medal for "Suspense", "Beginning", Silver Medal for "The Ancient Ones", "Frosted Floral" (series), Bronze Medal for "Autumn in the Swamps (series).
2021 Chromatic Awards - Honorable Mention for "All the Brass", "Gold at Indian Lake"
2021 Tokyo International Foto Awards – Honorable Mention for "Beginning", "Colors of a Place", Official Selection for "Beginning", "Colors of a Place", "Gold at Indian Lake"
2021 35 Awards - Top 1% of 19,881 images for "Natural Landmarks of the Planet" for Red Laces
2019 Monochrome Awards - 3rd Place "Transitions", Honorable Mentions for "Bull's Eye", "Faithful"
2020 Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, 
- "Landscape and Architecture" National Juried Exhibition - "Wadi Al Arbeieen Reflection"
2020 Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, FL,
- Exhibition "Black & White" - "Old Friends", "Lone Palm", "Pine Island Fish Shack"
- Exhibition Juried Annual Members Exhibition - "In the Mangroves", "Oak Solo", "Colorful Crab Cages"
2020 Rookery Bay Juried Exhibition "Natural Selections" - "Survivors", "Singing the Swamp Opera"
2020 The Independent Photographer "Open Call" - Finalist with "Tree in Winter"
2020 HIPA Dubai - Finalist
2020 International Publication Landscape Photography Magazine
- "Wadi Al Arbeieen"
- "Everglades Reflection"
- "Approaching Storm"
2020  Annual Photo Awards
- Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2019 - "Colorful Crab Cages"
- Honorable Mentions for "Bougainvillea", "Giant Egg", "My Kingdom", "Tree in Winter", "In the Mangroves"
2020 Artsy Shark - Featured Artist 
2020 Photography Magazine iLeGaLiT - Featured Artist
2020 Musee Magazine - Women's History Month
2020 Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis Juried Show  - "Tree in Winter"
2020 Motif Collection, Finalist "Approaching Storm"
2020 Florida Camera Club Council
- "Eye to Eye" - Blue Ribbon
- Yellow Ribbons for "Surrounded by Pastels", "Faithful", "Layers", "La Prima Donna", "Tupelo Gold"
2020 Naples Camera Club
- Blue Ribbon for "Bedouin Dreams", "Casting his Net"
- Yellow Ribbon for "Tree in Winter", "Up the Wall"
2020 International Color Awards
- 3rd Place - Honor of Distinction - Photographer of the Year
- "Colorful Crab Cages" - 1st Place Fine Arts
- Honorable Mention for "Casting his Net"
- Nominations for "In the Mangroves", "Into the Maze", "The Giant Egg", "Layer Cake", "Maximum Intensity"
2020 Fine Arts Photography Awards - Nominations for "Bedouin Dreams", "Colorful Crab Cages", "Fluid", "JLT at Night", "Tree in Winter", "Wadi Al Arbeieen Reflection"
2020 Juried Exhibition Camera USA - "Bougainvillea
2020 Art Limited - Visa and Artscore Selection for "Alone in the Desert", "Desert Noir"
2020 Motif Collection B&W - Finalist "Alone in the Desert"
2020 Moscow International 
- Bronze Medals for "Pulse", "Tree in Winter"
- Honorable Mentions for "Desert Rider", "Bedouin Dreams", "Bougainvillea", "Colorful Crab Cages"
2020 Athens Photo Festival - Shortlisted for series "Southern China Seafood Production"
2020 Monovisons Photography Awards
- Honorable Mentions for "S-Curve", "Desert Noir", "Alone in the Desert", "My Kingdom", "Inward Path"
2020 International Minimalist Photography Awards - 3rd Place in Landscapes for "In the Mangroves"
2020 Umbra International Photography Awards - Fine Art Category Winner "Colorful Crab Cages", 1st place in Digital Manipulations "Bougainvillea", Finalist "Giant Egg"
2020 PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris - Gold medal for "Bougainvillea", Bronze medal "Tree in Winter", HM for "Dancer in the Forest", "Colorful Crab Cages"
2020 IPA - Honorable Mention for "Tree in Winter"
2020 International Black and White Spider Awards
- Nominee "Pulse", "Alone in the Desert", "Desert Noir', "Frayed"
2020 ND Awards - Honorable Mention for "Tree in Winter", "Skeleton Trees", "Into the Maze"
2020 International Publication 1x.com - "Monet in Texas"
2020 Chromatic Awards - Honorable Mentions for "Coastal Bliss", "Autumn Glow", "Into the Maze"

2019 Rookery Bay Juried Exhibition "Intersection of Man and Nature" - "Pink Muhly Grass"
2019 Salann Magazine - Feature of 5 images
2019 Arts in Harmony Annual International  Show, MN - "Abyss"
2019 Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR - Featured Artist with selection of 10 images
2019 Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR 
- "Landscape and Architecture" National Juried Exhibition - "Courtyard", "The Giant Egg"
- "Black & White Photography" National Juried Exhibition - "Moon over Pier"2019
2019 Art Limited Excellence selection 
- "Bougainville", "Oak Solo", "Lone Palm" , "Crab Cages", "Tree in Winter"
2019 Art Limited Editor's selection 
- "Lone Palm", "Oak Solo"
2019 International Publication F11 News 
- "Playa Gueirua", "Twilight Sentinels", "Morning Light"
2019 International Publication Landscape Photography Magazine
- "Blue Moon", "Triangulated", "In the Mangroves", "After the Storm"
2019 International Publication 1x.com
- “Bougainvillea”, "Crab Cages", "In the Mangroves", "Tree in Winter"
2019 International Photo Contest Photocrowd “Industrial and Commercial Buildings” 3rd of 1,285 -  “Courtyard"
2019 41st National Juried Exhibition, Yakima, WA - "Oak Solo" - Honorable Mention
2019 Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL,  
 - 33rd All Florida Juried Exhibit - "Forest Bathing"
-  The Eyes Have It Exhibit - "Bougainvillea"
2019 Cape Cod, MA, Cultural Center International Juried Contest “Wanderlust" - “Dubai Nights” 
2019 Art at The Center 2019 National Juried Exhibition, Overland, Kansas
- "Oak Solo", "Blue Moon", "Moon Valley"
2019 GALEX 53 National Juried Exhibition, Galesburg, IL - "Up and UP"
2019 Naples Camera Club
- “Moonstruck” - Blue Ribbon
- “Forest Bathing” - Blue Ribbon
- “Courtyard” - Blue Ribbon
- "Bougainvillea" - Yellow Ribbon
- "In the Mangroves" - Yellow Ribbon
- "Into the Maze" - Yellow Ribbon, Image of the Year
- "The Giant Egg" - Yellow Ribbon
- "Life's Pleasures" - Yellow Ribbon
2019 Florida Camera Club Council
- “Moonstruck" - Yellow Ribbon
- "Circles" - Silver Ribbon
- "Forest Bathing" - Red Ribbon
- "Pastels" - Blue Ribbon
- "The Giant Egg" - Blue Ribbon
- "Into the Maze" - Blue Ribbon
- "Casting the Net" - Yellow Ribbon, Blue Ribbon
- "Life's Pleasures" - Yellow Ribbon, Blue Ribbon
- "In the Mangroves" - Blue Ribbon 2x 
- "My Kingdom" - Yellow Ribbon
2019 Texas National, Juried Exhibition, Nacogdoches, TX - "Oak Solo"
2019 Treasure Coast Photography Center, Port St. Lucie, Fl, National Juried Show “From the Heart” 
- “Abyss"
- "Moonstruck"
- "Mall of Berlin"
- "Triangulated"
- "Subterranean Blues"
2019 Art of Photography, National Juried Show, Prairie Village, KS
- "Spiral"
- "Close of the Day"
2019 International Color Awards 
- Honorable Mention for "Abyss", "Life Reflected", "Circles", "Subterranean Blues"
- Nominee for "Water Castle Illuminated"
2019 Artist of the Month Collier County
2019 AAP International Photographer of the Year - Merit Award for "Oak Solo"
2019 International Fine Arts Photography Awards
- Nominee in Abstract category" "Spiral"
- Nominee in Architecture category: "Abyss", "No End" 
- Nominee in Fine Art category: "Oak Solo", "Forest Bathing", "Sensuous"
- Nominee in Landscape category: "Quiet Morning"
2019 Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs, CA – National Juried Exhibition “Black & White Art” 
- "Courtyard" Finalist
- "Spiral" Finalist
2019 Backus Museum, Fort Pierce, FL -  National Juried Exhibit "Through the Eye of the Camera"
- "Abyss" Director's Choice Award
- "Morning Light" 3rd Place Travel/Landscape
- "Spiral" Finalist
2019 The Independent Photographer Editor's Pick  for Landscape Photography - "Moon Valley"
2019 The Independent Photographer Editor's Pick  for Visual Storytelling - "In the Mangroves"
2019 The Independent Photographer 3rd Place  for Travel - "Into the Maze"
2019 Moscow International Foto Awards - Honorable Mention for "Oak Solo"
2019 PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris - 1 x Gold medal, 2 x Silver medal for "Oak Solo"
2019 Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, FL, 
- “This Land” Exhibition - “Hazy Morning", "Bougainville", "Morning Light"
- "Being Human" Exhibition - "Fishing Buddies", "Life's Pleasures" - 1st Place
2019 Lensculture Competition 
- "Colorful Crab Cages" - Gallery Selection
- "In the Mangroves" - Gallery Selection, Editor's Choice
2019 International Minimalist Photography Awards - Honorable Mention for "String of Pearls"
2019 NYC4PA "From Dusk to Dawn" - Juror's Selection for "Life Reflected"
2019 International Monovision Awards
- "Oak Solo" 3rd place in Fine Arts
- Honorable Mentions for "Giant Palms", " Grand Mosque", "Spirals" (Series)
2019 Nominee 2019 Festival, Sharjah, U.A.E. - "In the Mangroves" in Landscape/Nature
2019 Emerald Arts Center, Springfield, OR, National Juried Exhibition Autumn – "Colorful Crab Cages"
2019 International Photography Awards - 
- "In the Mangroves" - Silver Medal in Fine Art/ Landscape
- "Bougainvillea" - Silver Medal in Nature/Trees
- Honorable Mentions for "JLT Night View", "Colorful Crab Cages", "Mall of Berlin", "The Giant Egg", "Life's Pleasures" 
Joint Exhibition: 2019 IPA Best of Show Exhibition, NY
Joint Exhibition: 2019 Independent Photographer, Galerie Eigenheim, Berlin, Germany
2019 International Juried Exhibition "The Shape of Things", Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, MN - "Circles"
2019 International Black and White Spider Awards
- Honorable Mention “Pleated”, "Aorta"
- Nominee "Form 1", "Oak Solo", "Fishing Buddies", "The Eye", "Calligraphy"
2019 International Photography Grant - Nominee for series "Productive Beauty"
2019 Miami Vision Excellence Award - First place overall
2019 International ND Awards
- Silver medal for "In the Mangroves"
- Honorable Mentions for: "Oak Solo", "Forest Bathing", "Bougainvillea", "The Giant Egg", "Subterranean Blues", "Time Travelers", "Moonlight Pastel", "Morning Light", "A Case for Stairs", "Colorful Crab Cages".
2019 International Chromatic Photography Awards 
- 3rd place "In the Mangroves"
- Honorable Mention "Casting His Net", "Forest Bathing", "Colorful Crab Cages", "Layers of Man and Mountains", "The Rock"
2019 Tokyo International Photo Awards
- Honorable Mention for "Oak Solo", "Maximum Intensity", "Colorful Crab Cages"
2019 Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis Juried Show "The Shape of Things" - "Circles"

2018 International Monochrome Awards - Honorable Mentions for "Playa Llanes", "Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque", "Grand Mosque at Night", "Bunker Lines", "Oak Solo", "Hope"
2018 Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs, CA – National Juried Exhibition “Colorful Abstracts” Finalist for  “Twirl”, “Abyss”, “Post it!”
2018 Larkin Arts Gallery, Harrisonburg, VA, National Juried Exhibition – “Life Reflected”
2018 Naples Art Association 
- “Your Choice Award” – Best in Show “Abyss”
- “All Florida” Juried Exhibition “Close of the Day”
- “Celebration of Light” – “Color Symphony”
- “Annual Photography Exhibition” – “Last Rays”, “Life Reflected”
2018 Emerald Arts Center, Springfield, OR, National Juried Exhibition Autumn – 
- “Abyss” Silver Medal
- “Oak Solo”
2018 Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, FL, 
- “Annual Member’s” Juried Exhibition - “Triangulated” ,“Palmetto Abstract #6” – Cherril Cregar Award of Merit.
- “Second Nature” Exhibition - “Close of the Day”, “Oak Solo”, “Bromelia”
- “Open Call” Juried Exhibition - “Tree Bark Abstract”, “Enchanting Forest”, “Mosque in Pink and Blue”
2018 Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL, Juried Exhibition “All Florida” - “Palmetto Abstract #6”
2018 Treasure Coast Photography Center, Port St. Lucie, Fl, National Juried Show “From the Heart” 
- “Reach!”
- “Close of the Day” Honorable Mention 
2018 Cape Cod, MA, Cultural Center International Juried Contest “The Golden Hour - “Close of the Day” Second Place
2018 Overland Park, KS, National Juried Exhibition “Art at the Center” – “Close of the Day”
2018 ALA Gallery, Lake Charles, LA, National Juried Exhibition “Through my Eyes” – 
- “The Rock”
- “Abyss”
2018 Core New Art Space, Denver, CO, National Juried Exhibition “Black and White” - “Reach!”
2018 Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, 
- “Landscape and Architecture” National Juried Exhibition - “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque”
- “Grayscale” National Juried Exhibition - “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque”
- “Color Photography” National Juried Exhibition – “Abyss”
2018 Florida Camera Club Council
- “Life Reflected” Blue Ribbon
- “Last Rays” Red Ribbon
- “Triangulated” Red Ribbon
- “Abyss” Yellow Ribbon
- “Grand Mosque at Night” Yellow Ribbon
- “Art Deco Staircase” Blue Ribbon
- “Up and Down the Stairs” Yellow Ribbon
- “Pier in Purple” Yellow Ribbon
- "Eyes and Arches" Red Ribbon
- "Subterranean Blues" Silver Ribbon
- "Courtyard View" Red Ribbon
2018 Naples Camera Club
- “Abyss” Blue Ribbon
- “Morning near Llanes” Blue Ribbon
- “The Rock” Yellow Ribbon
- “Subterranean Blues” Blue Ribbon, Best in Class
- “Up and Up” Blue Ribbon
2018 International Publication 1x.com
- “Abyss”
- “Sensuous”
2018 International Publication Landscape Photography Magazine - “Close of the Day”
2018 International Publication F11 News 
- "Last Rays"
- "Close of the Day"
- "Playa Cabo  Blanco"
- "Eyes and Arches"
2018 International Photo Contest Photocrowd “Beaches and Seashores” – “Last Rays” #4 of 736 entries
2018 International Black and White Spider Awards 
– Nominee “Hazy Morning”, “Morning near Llanes”
2018 International Color Awards – Nominee 
- “Close of the Day”
- “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque”
- “Simplicity”
2018 International ND Awards
- "Life Reflected" Honorable Mention Architecture/Buildings
- "Sensuous" Honorable Mention Architecture/Interior
- "Water Castle Illuminated" Honorable Mention Architecture/Cityscapes
2018 International Chromatic Photography Awards - Honorable Mention "Abyss"

2017 Florida Camera Club Council
- “Close of the Day” Blue Ribbon
- “Playa Gueirua” Blue Ribbon
- “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque” Blue Ribbon
- “Mall of Berlin” Yellow Ribbon
2017 Naples Camera Club Council - “Mall of Berlin” Yellow Ribbon
2017 International Photo Contest Photocrowd “Landscape Photography” – “Close of the Day” - First Place
2017 Naples Art Association “The Great Outdoors” Juried Exhibition “Triangulated”
2017 Art Alliance of Fort Myers, Fl, “Your Best Shot” Juried Exhibition “Reach!” - Second Place
2017 Columbus State University, National Juried Exhibition “Flora” - “Palmetto Abstract #2
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