2020 International Monochrome Awards - 3rd Place "Transitions", Honorable Mentions for "Bull's Eye", "Faithful"
2020 Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, 
- "Landscape and Architecture" National Juried Exhibition - "Wadi Al Arbeieen Reflection"
2020 Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, FL,
- Exhibition "Black & White" - "Old Friends", "Lone Palm", "Pine Island Fish Shack"
- Exhibition Juried Annual Members Exhibition - "In the Mangroves", "Oak Solo", "Colorful Crab Cages"
2020 Rookery Bay Juried Exhibition "Natural Selections" - "Survivors", "Singing the Swamp Opera"
2020 The Independent Photographer "Open Call" - Finalist with "Tree in Winter"
2020 HIPA Dubai - Finalist
2020 International Publication Landscape Photography Magazine
- "Wadi Al Arbeieen"
- "Everglades Reflection"
- "Approaching Storm"
2020  International Annual Photo Awards
- Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2019 - "Colorful Crab Cages"
- Honorable Mentions for "Bougainvillea", "Giant Egg", "My Kingdom", "Tree in Winter", "In the Mangroves"
2020 Artsy Shark - Featured Artist 
2020 Photography Magazine iLeGaLiT - Featured Artist
2020 Musee Magazine - Women's History Month
2020 Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis Juried Show  - "Tree in Winter"
2020 Florida Camera Club Council
- "Eye to Eye" - Blue Ribbon
- "Surrounded by Pastels" - Yellow Ribbon
- “Faithful" - Yellow Ribbon
2020 Naples Camera Club
- Blue Ribbon for "Bedouin Dreams", "Casting his Net"
- Yellow Ribbon for "Tree in Winter", "Up the Wall"
2020 International Color Awards
- "Colorful Crab Cages" - 1st Place Fine Arts
- Honorable Mention for "Casting his Net"
- Nominations for "In the Mangroves", "Into the Maze", "The Giant Egg", "Layer Cake", "Maximum Intensity"
2020 Fine Arts Photography Awards - Nominations for "Bedouin Dreams", "Colorful Crab Cages", "Fluid", "JLT at Night", "Tree in Winter", "Wadi Al Arbeieen Reflection"
2020 Juried Exhibition Camera USA - "Bougainvillea
2020 Art Limited - Visa and Artscore Selection for "Alone in the Desert", "Desert Noir"
2020 Motif Collection B&W - Finalist "Alone in the Desert"
2020 Moscow International 
- Bronze Medals for "Pulse", "Tree in Winter"
- Honorable Mentions for "Desert Rider", "Bedouin Dreams", "Bougainvillea", "Colorful Crab Cages"
2020 Athens Photo Festival - Shortlisted for series "Southern China Seafood Production"
2020 Monovisons Photography Awards
- Honorable Mentions for "S-Curve", "Desert Noir", "Alone in the Desert", "My Kingdom", "Inward Path"
2020 International Minimalist Photography Awards - 3rd Place in Landscapes for "In the Mangroves"
2020 Umbra International Photography Awards - Fine Art Category Winner "Colorful Crab Cages", 1st place in Digital Manipulations "Bougainvillea", Finalist "Giant Egg"
2020 PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris - Gold medal for "Bougainvillea", Bronze medal "Tree in Winter", HM for "Dancer in the Forest", "Colorful Crab Cages"
2019 Rookery Bay Juried Exhibition "Intersection of Man and Nature" - "Pink Muhly Grass"
2019 Salann Magazine - Feature of 5 images
2019 Arts in Harmony Annual International  Show, MN - "Abyss"
2019 Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR - Featured Artist with selection of 10 images
2019 Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR 
- "Landscape and Architecture" National Juried Exhibition - "Courtyard", "The Giant Egg"
- "Black & White Photography" National Juried Exhibition - "Moon over Pier"2019
2019 Art Limited Excellence selection 
- "Bougainville"
- "Oak Solo"
- "Lone Palm" 
- "Crab Cages"
- "Tree in Winter"
2019 Art Limited Editor's selection 
- "Lone Palm"
- "Oak Solo"
2019 International Publication F11 News 
- "Playa Gueirua"
- "Twilight Sentinels"
- "Morning Light"
2019 International Publication Landscape Photography Magazine
- "Blue Moon"
- "Triangulated"
- "After the Storm"
2019 International Publication 1x.com
- "Crab Cages"
- "Tree in Winter"
2019 International Photo Contest Photocrowd “Industrial and Commercial Buildings” 3rd of 1,285 -  “Courtyard"
2019 41st National Juried Exhibition, Yakima, WA - "Oak Solo" - Honorable Mention
2019 Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL,  
 - 33rd All Florida Juried Exhibit - "Forest Bathing"
-  The Eyes Have It Exhibit - "Bougainvillea"
2019 Cape Cod, MA, Cultural Center International Juried Contest “Wanderlust" - “Dubai Nights” 
2019 Art at The Center 2019 National Juried Exhibition, Overland, Kansas
- "Oak Solo"
- "Blue Moon"
- "Moon Valley"
2019 GALEX 53 National Juried Exhibition, Galesburg, IL - "Up and UP"
2019 Naples Camera Club
- “Moonstruck” - Blue Ribbon
- “Forest Bathing” - Blue Ribbon
- “Courtyard” - Blue Ribbon
- "Bougainvillea" - Yellow Ribbon
- "In the Mangroves" - Yellow Ribbon
- "Into the Maze" - Yellow Ribbon, Image of the Year
- "The Giant Egg" - Yellow Ribbon
- "Life's Pleasures" - Yellow Ribbon
2019 Florida Camera Club Council
- “Moonstruck" - Yellow Ribbon
- "Circles" - Silver Ribbon
- "Forest Bathing" - Red Ribbon
- "Pastels" - Blue Ribbon
- "The Giant Egg" - Blue Ribbon
- "Into the Maze" - Blue Ribbon
- "Casting the Net" - Yellow Ribbon, Blue Ribbon
- "Life's Pleasures" - Yellow Ribbon, Blue Ribbon
- "In the Mangroves" - Blue Ribbon 2x 
- "My Kingdom" - Yellow Ribbon
2019 Texas National, Juried Exhibition, Nacogdoches, TX - "Oak Solo"
2019 Treasure Coast Photography Center, Port St. Lucie, Fl, National Juried Show “From the Heart” 
- “Abyss"
- "Moonstruck"
- "Mall of Berlin"
- "Triangulated"
- "Subterranean Blues"
2019 Art of Photography, National Juried Show, Prairie Village, KS
- "Spiral"
- "Close of the Day"
2019 International Color Awards 
- Honorable Mention for "Abyss", "Life Reflected", "Circles", "Subterranean Blues"
- Nominee for "Water Castle Illuminated"
2019 Artist of the Month Collier County
2019 AAP International Photographer of the Year - Merit Award for "Oak Solo"
2019 International Fine Arts Photography Awards
- Nominee in Abstract category" "Spiral"
- Nominee in Architecture category: "Abyss", "No End" 
- Nominee in Fine Art category: "Oak Solo", "Forest Bathing", "Sensuous"
- Nominee in Landscape category: "Quiet Morning"
2019 Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs, CA – National Juried Exhibition “Black & White Art” 
- "Courtyard" Finalist
- "Spiral" Finalist
2019 Backus Museum, Fort Pierce, FL -  National Juried Exhibit "Through the Eye of the Camera"
- "Abyss" Director's Choice Award
- "Morning Light" 3rd Place Travel/Landscape
- "Spiral" Finalist
2019 The Independent Photographer Editor's Pick  for Landscape Photography - "Moon Valley"
2019 The Independent Photographer Editor's Pick  for Visual Storytelling - "In the Mangroves"
2019 The Independent Photographer 3rd Place  for Travel - "Into the Maze"
2019 Moscow International Foto Awards - Honorable Mention for "Oak Solo"
2019 PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris - 1 x Gold medal, 2 x Silver medal for "Oak Solo"
2019 Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, FL, 
- “This Land” Exhibition - “Hazy Morning", "Bougainville", "Morning Light"
- "Being Human" Exhibition - "Fishing Buddies", "Life's Pleasures" - 1st Place
2019 Lensculture Competition 
- "Colorful Crab Cages" - Gallery Selection
- "In the Mangroves" - Gallery Selection, Editor's Choice
2019 International Minimalist Photography Awards - Honorable Mention for "String of Pearls"
2019 NYC4PA "From Dusk to Dawn" - Juror's Selection for "Life Reflected"
2019 International Monovision Awards
- "Oak Solo" 3rd place in Fine Arts
- Honorable Mentions for "Giant Palms", " Grand Mosque", "Spirals" (Series)
2019 Nominee 2019 Festival, Sharjah, U.A.E. - "In the Mangroves" in Landscape/Nature
2019 Emerald Arts Center, Springfield, OR, National Juried Exhibition Autumn – "Colorful Crab Cages"
2019 International Photography Awards - 
- "In the Mangroves" - Silver Medal in Fine Art/ Landscape
- "Bougainvillea" - Silver Medal in Nature/Trees
- "JLT Night View" - Honorable Mention in Architecture/Cityscapes
- "Colorful Crab Cages" - Honorable Mention in Fine Art/ Landscape
- "Mall of Berlin" - Honorable Mention in Architecture/Building
- "The Giant Egg" - Honorable Mention in Architecture/Building
- "Life's Pleasures" - Honorable Mention in People - Portrait
Joint Exhibition: 2019 IPA Best of Show Exhibition, NY
Joint Exhibition: 2019 Independent Photographer, Galerie Eigenheim, Berlin, Germany
2019 International Juried Exhibition "The Shape of Things", Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, MN - "Circles"
2019 International Black and White Spider Awards
- Honorable Mention “Pleated”, "Aorta"
- Nominee "Form 1", "Oak Solo", "Fishing Buddies", "The Eye", "Calligraphy"
2019 International Photography Grant - Nominee for series "Productive Beauty"
2019 Miami Vision Excellence Award - First place overall
2019 International ND Awards
- Silver medal for "In the Mangroves"
- Honorable Mentions for: "Oak Solo", "Forest Bathing", "Bougainvillea", "The Giant Egg", "Subterranean Blues", "Time Travelers", "Moonlight Pastel", "Morning Light", "A Case for Stairs", "Colorful Crab Cages".
2019 International Chromatic Photography Awards 
- 3rd place "In the Mangroves"
- Honorable Mention "Casting His Net", "Forest Bathing", "Colorful Crab Cages", "Layers of Man and Mountains", "The Rock"
2019 Tokyo International Photo Awards
- Honorable Mention for "Oak Solo", "Maximum Intensity", "Colorful Crab Cages"
2019 Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis Juried Show "The Shape of Things" - "Circles"
2018 International Monochrome Awards - Honorable Mentions for "Playa Llanes", "Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque", "Grand Mosque at Night", "Bunker Lines", "Oak Solo", "Hope"
2018 Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs, CA – National Juried Exhibition “Colorful Abstracts” Finalist for  “Twirl”, “Abyss”, “Post it!”
2018 Larkin Arts Gallery, Harrisonburg, VA, National Juried Exhibition – “Life Reflected”
2018 Naples Art Association 
- “Your Choice Award” – Best in Show “Abyss”
- “All Florida” Juried Exhibition “Close of the Day”
- “Celebration of Light” – “Color Symphony”
- “Annual Photography Exhibition” – “Last Rays”, “Life Reflected”
2018 Emerald Arts Center, Springfield, OR, National Juried Exhibition Autumn – 
- “Abyss” Silver Medal
- “Oak Solo”
2018 Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, FL, 
- “Annual Member’s” Juried Exhibition - “Triangulated” ,“Palmetto Abstract #6” – Cherril Cregar Award of Merit.
- “Second Nature” Exhibition - “Close of the Day”, “Oak Solo”, “Bromelia”
- “Open Call” Juried Exhibition - “Tree Bark Abstract”, “Enchanting Forest”, “Mosque in Pink and Blue”
2018 Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL, Juried Exhibition “All Florida” - “Palmetto Abstract #6”
2018 Treasure Coast Photography Center, Port St. Lucie, Fl, National Juried Show “From the Heart” 
- “Reach!”
- “Close of the Day” Honorable Mention 
2018 Cape Cod, MA, Cultural Center International Juried Contest “The Golden Hour - “Close of the Day” Second Place
2018 Overland Park, KS, National Juried Exhibition “Art at the Center” – “Close of the Day”
2018 ALA Gallery, Lake Charles, LA, National Juried Exhibition “Through my Eyes” – 
- “The Rock”
- “Abyss”
2018 Core New Art Space, Denver, CO, National Juried Exhibition “Black and White” - “Reach!”
2018 Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, 
- “Landscape and Architecture” National Juried Exhibition - “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque”
- “Grayscale” National Juried Exhibition - “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque”
- “Color Photography” National Juried Exhibition – “Abyss”
2018 Florida Camera Club Council
- “Life Reflected” Blue Ribbon
- “Last Rays” Red Ribbon
- “Triangulated” Red Ribbon
- “Abyss” Yellow Ribbon
- “Grand Mosque at Night” Yellow Ribbon
- “Art Deco Staircase” Blue Ribbon
- “Up and Down the Stairs” Yellow Ribbon
- “Pier in Purple” Yellow Ribbon
- "Eyes and Arches" Red Ribbon
- "Subterranean Blues" Silver Ribbon
- "Courtyard View" Red Ribbon
2018 Naples Camera Club
- “Abyss” Blue Ribbon
- “Morning near Llanes” Blue Ribbon
- “The Rock” Yellow Ribbon
- “Subterranean Blues” Blue Ribbon, Best in Class
- “Up and Up” Blue Ribbon
2018 International Publication 1x.com
- “Abyss”
- “Sensuous”
2018 International Publication Landscape Photography Magazine - “Close of the Day”
2018 International Publication F11 News 
- "Last Rays"
- "Close of the Day"
- "Playa Cabo  Blanco"
- "Eyes and Arches"
2018 International Photo Contest Photocrowd “Beaches and Seashores” – “Last Rays” #4 of 736 entries
2018 International Black and White Spider Awards 
– Nominee “Hazy Morning”, “Morning near Llanes”
2018 International Color Awards – Nominee 
- “Close of the Day”
- “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque”
- “Simplicity”
2018 International ND Awards
- "Life Reflected" Honorable Mention Architecture/Buildings
- "Sensuous" Honorable Mention Architecture/Interior
- "Water Castle Illuminated" Honorable Mention Architecture/Cityscapes
2018 International Chromatic Photography Awards - Honorable Mention "Abyss"

2017 Florida Camera Club Council
- “Close of the Day” Blue Ribbon
- “Playa Gueirua” Blue Ribbon
- “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque” Blue Ribbon
- “Mall of Berlin” Yellow Ribbon
2017 Naples Camera Club Council - “Mall of Berlin” Yellow Ribbon
2017 International Photo Contest Photocrowd “Landscape Photography” – “Close of the Day” - First Place
2017 Naples Art Association “The Great Outdoors” Juried Exhibition “Triangulated”
2017 Art Alliance of Fort Myers, Fl, “Your Best Shot” Juried Exhibition “Reach!” - Second Place
2017 Columbus State University, National Juried Exhibition “Flora” - “Palmetto Abstract #2
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