White Sand(storm)
2024 Annual Photography Awards - Honorable Mention
Bosque del Apache
Bosque del Apache is a small wildlife refuge on the Rio Grande south of Albuquerque. The flooded fields are a gathering spot for over 250 bird species, but it is the large number of waterfowl that is most impressive. 


Gathering for the Night
Gathering for the Night
The Roost
The Roost
Cranes and snow geese on their migration path roost there by the thousands. The homecoming at night and the morning departure from the roost are spectacles not to be missed. 
An incredibly loud cacophony of sounds erupts - it is party time!

"Land of Enchantment"

2024 International Color Awards – Nominee

"Along the Rio Grande"

2024 Naples Camera Club (DPI-SIG) - Blue Ribbon

Oman, at the north-eastern edge of the Arabian peninsula,  is a country with an incredibly diverse landscape. A beautiful coastline, cool mountains, steep water-cut valleys, and a vast desert. 
Best of all, its friendly people make it a very pleasant place to travel.
"Wadi Al Arbeieen Reflection"
Black Box Gallery, Portland OR, 2020 Juried National Show "Landscape and Architecture"
2020 Published in Landscape Photography Magazine
2020 Fine Arts Photography Awards (FAPA) - Nominee
Natural Abstract
Natural Abstract
Dune Ride
Dune Ride
Desert Sunrise
Desert Sunrise

"Ocean of Sand"


The Last Ones
The Last Ones
Desert Noir
Desert Noir
"Alone in the Desert"
Motif Collection B&W 2020, Finalist
Art Limited, Visa and Artscore Selection
2020 Monovisons Photography Awards, Honorable Mention
2020 Black & White Spider Awards, Nominee
2020 Monochrome Awards, Honorable Mention
2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards - Honorable Mention
2020 Annual Photography Awards - Honorable Mention

"Arabian Sea Sunrise"

Western Al Hajar Mountains

Western Al Hajar Mountains

"Date Palm Oasis"


Atacama - the driest place on earth. It stretches across a roughly 600-mile tract of land wedged between the Cordillera de la Costa and the Andes mountains. Much of its core is caked in thick salt deposits and mining for nitrate, lithium, magnesium and other salts is the primary source of revenue.
Heavy erosions and deep craters, coupled with the lack of vegetation, give you the impression of being on another planet.
"Moon Valley"
Art at The Center 2019 National Juried Exhibition, Overland, Kansas
The Independent Photographer Editor's Pick  for Landscape Photography 2019


The "Salar de Atacama", just south of San Pedro de Atacama, is the world's largest and purest active source of lithium. The salt flat, the largest in Chile, is surrounded by mountains and has no drainage outlet, only evaporation.

"Salar de Atacama"

"Lithium Yellow"

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