The Northern Coast of Spain is known for its steep cliffs, strong winds, harsh waves, and sea stacks - columns of rock that remain standing in the sea after erosion.
Despite this coast being so rugged, this particular rock has a very dreamy feel to it - out solo in the ocean, and the waves caressing it with their “barista swirl”.

"The Rock"

Juried exhibition "Through my Eyes", 2018, Lake Charles, LA.

Camera Club Naples - 2018 Yellow Ribbon

International Chromatic Awards, 2019 - Honorable Mention

2020 iLeGaLiT Magazine

Eyes and Arches
Eyes and Arches
The image shows an almost perfect triangle-shaped sea stack encompassed in a triangular viewpoint.
It took a hazardous climb over wet rocks with all my heavy gear in hand, to get to this very narrow viewpoint. It was so narrow, I could only open my tripod about a third. In addition, the waves kept crashing in. I managed 2 shots before having to leave again. Well worth it!


Naples Art Association, 2017 juried exhibition "The Great Outdoors".

Center for the Arts Bonita Springs, 2018 juried "Annual Members Exhibition".

Florida Camera Club Council - 2018 Red Ribbon

Spotlight on Photography 2019, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, Oregon

Treasure Coast Photography Center, Port St. Lucie, Fl, 2019 National Juried Show “From the Heart” 

Landscape Photography Magazine, International Publication, 2019

2020 iLeGaLiT Magazine

Playa Gueirua
With sweeping vistas of sea stacks, Playa Gueirua is one of most iconic locations in Spain.

"Playa Gueirua"

Florida Camera Club Council - 2017 Blue Ribbon

2018 International Publication F11 News 

"Morning near Llanes"

Camera Club Naples - 2018 Blue Ribbon

Nominee International Black & White Spider Awards 2018

International Monochrome Awards 2018 - Honorable Mention

"Lean on Me"


"Battered by the Sea"

Next to the grande landscapes of this coast are the small worlds. The details of rock and erosion lines, lichens, algae, and mussels and limpets.
Left Behind
Left Behind
Limpet Valley
Limpet Valley
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