My love affair with trees and forests of all kinds. It's the stillness, the rays of light, the smell of moisture and wood. 
"Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life."
-- John Muir

"Oak Angel"


"90 Degrees of Resistance"
2022 Monovisions Photography Award - Honorable Mention

2021 PX3 Honorable Mention
2021 Black Box Gallery – Selection “Tree and Water”
2021 Black&White Spider Awards - Nominee
2021 Rookery Bay Juried Exhibition “Natural Selections”
"My Red Dress"
2021 Art Limited – Excellence Selection, Visa Selection, Artscore Selection
2021 Published & Awarded
2021 Annual Photography Awards - Honorable Mention
2022 Finalist Siena International Photo Awards
2022 - Florida Camera Club Council - Red Ribbon
2022 DPI-SIG Naples - Yellow Ribbon
2022 Julia Margaret Cameron Award - Honorable Mention
2022 - Moscow International Foto Awards - Bronze Medal
2022 ND Awards - Gold Medal

"Dressed for Spring"
2021 Moscow International Foot Awards - Silver Medal

Palm in the Rain
Palm in the Rain
Fine Pine
Fine Pine
Lone Palm
Lone Palm
Green Apples
Green Apples
Oak in Color
Oak in Color

"Oak at Babcock"

"Gold at Indian Lake"
2021 - International Publication
2021 - Florida Camera CLub Council - Red Ribbon
"The Bright Spot"
"The Bright Spot"
"Dancer in the Forest"
"Dancer in the Forest"
"Autumn Glow"
"Autumn Glow"
"Golden Abundance"
"Golden Abundance"
"Tree in Winter"
Arts Limited 2019 Selection for Artistic Excellence, Editor's Selection
International Publication 1x.xom
Florida Camera Club Council, 2019 - Yellow Ribbon
Independent Photographer 2020 "Open Call" - Finalist
Published in “2019-2020 Talent of the Year” Photobook by The Independent Photographer
Annual Photography Awards 2019 - Honorable Mention​​​​​​​
Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis 2020 Juried Show Open Call
Naples Camera Club 2020 - Yellow Ribbon
Fine Arts Photography Awards (FAPA) 2020 - Nominee
Moscow International 2020 - Bronze Medal
PX3 Prix de la Photoggraphie, Paris 2020 - Bronze Medal
IPA 2020 - Honorable Mention
ND Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention
2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards - Honorable Mention

"The Overstory"

Beam of Light
Beam of Light
Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest
Be different
Be different
Autumn Glory
Autumn Glory

"To the Light"

No, it is not a charcoal drawing.
I created this image by taking 70 exposures as I walked a full circle around the tree. I then layered all the frames, one on top of the other, with varying degrees of opacity. 
As a result, the darker parts of the image represent a high number of pixels - pixels recurring in numerous layers -, whereas the lighter parts of the image represent pixels only occurring in a few frames. The accumulation of pixels thereby becomes a true two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional oak. 
"Oak Solo"
Center for the Arts Bonita Springs, 2018 exhibition "Second Nature"
Emerald Art Center, Springfield, Oregon, 2018 Annual Autumn Exhibition
Honorable Mention International Monochrome Awards 2018
Art Limited 2019 selection for Artistic Excellence and Editor's Selection
41st National Juried Photography Event, 2019, Yakima, Washington - Honorable Mention
Art at the Center 2019 National Juried Exhibition, Overland, Kansas
Texas National, 2019 Juried Exhibition, Nacogdoches, TX
AAP 2019 International Photographer of the Year - Merit Award
International Fine Art Photography Awards 2019 - Nominee
Moscow International Foto Awards 2019 - Honorable Mention
Winner PX3 2019 Prix de la Photographie, Paris - 1 x Gold medal, 2 x Silver
International Monovision Awards 2019 - 3rd place
2919 ND Awards - Honorable Mention
2019 Tokyo International Photo Awards, Honorable Mention
2020 CfABS Juried Annual Members Exhibition - Merit Award
2019 Naples Camera Club - Yellow Ribbon
International Publication 1x.xom
Art Limited 2019 selection for Artistic Excellence
Center for the Arts Bonita Springs “This Land” Exhibition
2019 Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers “The Eyes Have It” Exhibition
2019 IPA Awards - Silver Medal
2019 ND Awards - Honorable Mention
Annual Photography Awards 2019 - Honorable Mention
2020 Publication Musee Magazine
2020 Camera USA
2020 Moscow International - Honorable Mention
PX3 Prix de la Photoggraphie, Paris  2020 - Gold Medal
2019-2020 Umbra International Photography Awards - 1st Place Digital Manipulations
2022 Marco Island Center for the Arts "Arts and Technology" - Merit Award


"Fisheating Creek"

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